Pattern Design & Illustration

Seamless cute sweet cup cake design on baby winter jacket
Vector based floral seamless pattern desgin
Seamless floral textil design on baby coat
Illustration of little chicks surrounded by flowers and leafs.
Picture of several illustrated phone cases with botanical pattern designed by Evelyn Kantioler..
The illustration of seamless pattern design shows leafs and fruits in teal with yellow and white on a peach background.
Photo of a scarf with wild floral design and ladybugs.
Illustration of seamless pattern design with happy butterflies, leafs and dots in light blue and lilac shades on pure white background.
Illustration of baobabs in light grey, with white leafs, black lines and a beige ground color.
Vector based floral design with plants like roses, buttercups, buds and leafs in lilac and blue shades.
Photo of a very light rose shopping bag with mushroom motive in pink and lilac shades.
Illustration of repeating pattern with little blue and pink heats on light rose and white background
Photo of napkins with flower design surrounded by a cappuccino and little orchid.
Seamless pattern design illustration of cherries and berries in green, pink white and grey on a lither pink background.
The picture shows fabric swatches of textile design in solid pink and grey and seamless pattern design with healthy food.
Graphical illustration of dots and lines in light grey based on pure white.
Picture of a gift with graphical wrapping paper in grey with light white leafs and old rose ribbon bow.
Illustration of pink rose flowers with leafs, branches and buds with emerald background.

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